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Deprecated! This list will no longer be updated due to my focus shift.

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A curated list of awesome watchOS frameworks, libraries, sample apps.


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Libraries And Frameworks


<img src="" width="500") alt="Example App"/> ### UI * [IGInterfaceDataTable]( - A category on WKInterfaceTable that makes configuring tables with multi-dimensional data easier. <img src="" width="500") alt="Example App"/> * [JBWatchActivityIndicator ★511 ⏳2Y]( - An easy way to generate activity indicator images for Apple Watch. <img src="" width="300") alt="Example App"/> ### Charts * [YOChartImageKit ★373]( - A chart image framework for watchOS. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="760"/> * [NKWatchChart ★250 ⏳2Y]( - A chart library for Apple Watch based on PNChart and ios-charts. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="250"/> # Design ### Design Guidelines * [Designing for Apple Watch]( - Official WWDC 2015 session by Apple about how to design for apple watch. * [ Watch Human Interface Guidelines]( - Official human interface guidelines by Apple. * [11 Tips For Designing Apps for Apple Watch]( - Some quick tips that will help you to build better watch apps. * [Icons for Apple Watch – The Definitive Guide]( - A guide to help you create your own watch app icon. ### Design Resources * [ Watch Design Resources]( - Official design resources provided by Apple, including Apple Watch Bezels, Guides, Templates, Typeface. * [Chart of Apple Watch Complication Types and Layouts]( - An useful chart of all the possible combinations of Complications. # Tools ### Prototyping * [thinkapps for watch]( - A website help you create your free Apple Watch App prototype in just 10 minutes. ### Images Generator * [RadialChartImageGenerator ★422 ⏳2Y]( - A radial bar chart generator for apple watch. * [KFWatchKitAnimations ★355]( - An image generator that creates beautiful 60 FPS animations for  Watch by recording animations from the iOS Simulator. # Sample Apps * [Lister]( - An official sample app demonstrates Apple Watch integration. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="260"/> * [WatchKit Catalog]( - An official sample app demonstrates how to use UI elements available in the WatchKit framework. * [Cherry ★375 ⏳3Y]( - A mini pomodoro timer app designed for the  Watch. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="250"/> * [Bitcoin Tracker]( - A bitcoin price tracking app. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="250"/> * [WWDC]( - An open sourcing WWDC hit parties app. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="230"/> * [SwiftHN ★1556]( - A Hacker News reader written in Swift. * [BaiduFM-Swift ★578 ⏳1Y]( - A apple watch app for BaiduFM. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="250"/> * [done-swift ★119 ⏳1Y]( - A sample app to demonstrate data sharing between a WatchKit app and its main app using Realm. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="400"/> * [HighstreetWatchApp ★356 ⏳3Y]( - The watchKit app built on the <> platform. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="350"/> * [OnTime ★41 ⏳2Y]( - An apple watch app to access the SBB timetable. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="500"/> * [WatchNotes ★80 ⏳2Y]( - An apple watch app to display notes on your wrist. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="500"/> * [WatchPics ★85 ⏳3Y]( - Instagram for the Apple Watch. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="500"/> * [WatchKit-Apps ★1082 ⏳1Y]( - Tutorials app for WatchKit. * [watchOS-2-Sampler ★1029 ⏳1Y]( - Code examples for new features of watchOS 2. * [soon ★64 ⏳2Y]( - A countdown app. <img src="") alt="Example App" width="230"/> # Books * [watchOS 2 by Tutorials]( <img src="") alt="Example App" width="320"/> * [Apple Watch for Developers: Advice & Techniques from Five Top Professionals]( <img src="") alt="Example App" width="280"/> # Tutorials ### WatchKit Introduction * [WatchKit Tutorial with Swift Part 1: Getting Started]( * [WatchKit Tutorial with Swift Part 2: Tables and Network Requests]( * [WatchKit Tutorial with Swift Part 3: More Tables, Glances and Handoff]( ### WatchOS 2 New Features ##### Hardware * [WatchKit 2 Hardware Bits: Using the Digital Crown]( * [WatchKit 2 Hardware Bits: The Taptic Engine]( * [WatchKit 2 Hardware Bits: The Accelerometer]( ##### Animations * [The Power of Animations]( - A tutorial demonstrates how to animate the user interface by changing layout properties. ##### ClockKit * [Writing a WatchKit Complication in watchOS 2]( - A tutorial about how to add custom Complications to your watch app. ##### Connectivity * [How to communicate between devices using Watch Connectivity]( - A tutorial about how to use Watch Connectivity framework to communicate between devices. # Twitters * [WatchKit Resources]( # Other Awesome Lists Other amazingly awesome lists can be found in the * [awesome-awesomeness ★21639]( list. * [Open Source apps ★17603]( list of open source ios apps * Awesome-swift * [@matteocrippa ★14926]( - A collaborative list of awesome swift resources. * [@Wolg ★4655]( - A curated list of awesome Swift frameworks, libraries and software. * [awesome watchkit apps ★204 ⏳2Y]( curated list of sample watchkit apps and tutorials. * [iOS Learning Resources ★325]( Comprenehensive collection of high quality, frequently updated and well maintained iOS tutorial sites. * [awesome-ios-animation]( - A curated list of awesome iOS animation, including Objective-C and Swift libraries. * [awesome-ios-chart]( - A curated list of awesome iOS chart libraries, including Objective-C and Swift. * [awesome-gists ★234]( - A list of amazing gists (iOS section). * [awesome-ios-ui ★10299]( - A curated list of awesome iOS UI/UX libraries. * [iOS App Development on Medium]( - Stories and technical tips about building apps for iOS, Apple Watch, and iPad/iPhone # Contributing Contributions welcome! Read the [contribution guidelines]( first. Feel free to contribute & Thank you very much! # License [![CC0](]( To the extent possible under law, [YenChen Lin]( has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. ---

This list is a copy of yenchenlin/awesome-watchos with ranks