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Awesome browser extensions for GitHub Awesome ★73813

A curated list of awesome browser extensions for GitHub.

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GitHub AST Viewer ★43

View the abstract syntax tree (AST) of code on GitHub.

Screenshots ![GitHub AST Viewer](

GitHub Custom Tab Size ★20

Set custom tab size for code view on

Screenshots ![GitHub Custom Tab Size](

OctoHint ★398

Octohint adds IntelliSense hint feature to GitHub.

Screenshots ![OctoHint](

OctoLinker ★2470

Octo-Linker is a Browser Extension which links NPM, bower, Composer & Duo dependencies to their GitHub repository page. It also solve require() statments in a .js, .jsx, .coffee or .md file.

Screenshots ![OctoLinker](

OctoTern ★83

Jump to a variable’s definition when viewing JavaScript code on Github. Also highlights all variable refernces.

Screenshots ![OctoTern](

Render Whitespace on GitHub ★17

Are they tabs? Are they spaces? How many? Never wonder again! Renders spaces as · and tabs as in all the code on GitHub.

Screenshots ![Render Whitespace on GitHub](

Tab Size on GitHub ★206

Make tab indented code more readable by forcing the tab size to 4 instead of 8.

Screenshots ![Tab Size on GitHub](

Where is it? ★13 ⏳2Y

Whereisit makes code navigation on GitHub easier. Look up and jump around class/method definitions with a single click.

Screenshots ![](


Colorize issue and PR links to see their status (open, closed, merged).

Screenshots <img src="" width=600 />

OctoDraft ★3

OctoDraft is a Browser Extension which adds a save draft button in the issues section in GitHub, for those times when one doesn’t have time to write the whole issue.

Screenshots ![OctoDraft](

OctoEdit ★51 ⏳1Y

OctoEdit is a Browser Extension which adds a new tab to the comment edit area in GitHub, providing Markdown syntax highlighting and tabbing behavior.

Screenshots ![OctoEdit](

OctoPreview ★23

Displays live previews of Markdown comments while you type. Works with Issues + Pull Requests.

Screenshots ![GitHub OctoPreview Extension](

Review on Github ★4 ⏳1Y

Review repositories on GitHub like a Pull Request. This extension adds the ability to to make notes in files and add them as a compiled list to an issue.


Builds Tab for Github ★14

This extension will add “builds” tab to Github in your browser.

Screenshots ![Builds Tab for Github](

Octo Mate ★259

Adds various useful features to GitHub:

  1. Download any file by clicking the file icon.
  2. Show tooltip of your unread notifications.
  3. Show Repo size.
  4. Show ‘GH Page’ link button if it has GitHub Pages.
  5. Tab size customising between 2/4/8 whitespace.
Screenshots ![Download file](

github.expandinizr ★101

Add breakpoints at 1400px, 1600px and 1800px for full GitHub experience on large screens. Also removes the truncating of file and directory names in the repository browser.

Screenshots ![github.expandinizr](

Like On Github ★156

Chrome extension that adds a button in browser and links this button to a Github repository that you will configure, then on any webpage just click this extension button and it will add the given link with the title of the page in that repository.

Screenshots ![Like On Github](

Refined GitHub ★2953

Extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features.

Screenshots ![Refined GitHub](

Infinite Commits ★8

A Chrome extension for infinite scrolling on GitHub’s commit pages.

OctoPermalinker ★3

OctoPermalinker is a browser extension that searches GitHub comments/files for links to files on branches, and adds a link to where the branch pointed when the comment/file was made/updated. This helps you avoid following a link that was broken after being posted. For context, here’s some discussion about broken GitHub links: Don’t link to line numbers in GitHub.

For example, suppose you’re looking at a gist that links to a file on the master branch of a repo. At the time the gist was made, the link worked, but if the file gets removed, the link is broken. OctoPermalinker uses the gist creation date to add a permalink that still works. Here are some screencasts demonstrating the difference:

Screenshots ### Before ![Imgur]( ### After ![Imgur](

Octotree ★11117

Useful for developers who frequently read source in GitHub and do not want to download or checkout too many repositories.

Screenshots ![Octotree](

GitHub Omnibar ★60 ⏳1Y

Omnibar for GitHub just like bitbucket’s

Screenshots ![](

Pages2Repo ★21 ⏳2Y

Makes it easy to access repository info from a GitHub pages website.

Screenshots ![Pages2Repo](


My Git Repo News ★3

Chrome extension which helps you not to miss important changes in your news thread related to your repo

Screenshots ![Before]( ![After](

GitHub News Pics ★9

Show pictures for all entries in the news feed on GitHub’s dashboard

Screenshots ![](

OctoTab ★10

⚒ A super tiny chrome extension making your Github news feed more organized

Screenshots ![OctoTab](


Advanced GitHub Notifier ★9

Shows notifications when you get a new notification on GitHub and provides quick access to all notifications in a popup.

Screenshots ![Advanced GitHub Notifier](

News Feed for GitHub ★15

A Chrome and Firefox extension that shows notifications when something happens in your GitHub news feed.

Screenshots ![News Feed for GitHub](

Notifications Preview for GitHub ★19

A Chrome and Firefox extension to quickly see your notifications in a popup without leaving the current page.


Notifier for GitHub ★248

Displays your GitHub notifications unread count. Supports GitHub Enterprise and an option to only show unread count for issues you’re participating in. You can click the icon to quickly see your unread notifications.

Screenshots ![Notifier for GitHub](


The CoderStats link for Github Chrome extension displays a link to the CoderStats page for the currently displayed user or organization profile page on Github.

Screenshots ![GitHub Profile]( ![CoderStats Profile](

GitHub Email Extractor ★27 ⏳1Y

Chrome extension to fetch the email ID of a user even if they haven’t made it public on their GitHub profile

Screenshots | Before | After | | --- | --- | | ![GitHub Email Extractor]( | ![GitHub Email Extractor]( |

Follow Me or Not ★13

Chrome extension to check if the GitHub profile you are visiting, follows you or not in a Twitter-like UI

Screenshots ![Follow Me or Not](

GitHub Hovercard ★1059

Neat hovercards for GitHub.

Screenshots ![GitHub Hovercard](

Isometric Contributions ★1551

Allows you to toggle between the normal GitHub contribution chart and an isometric pixel art version.

Screenshots ![Isometric Contributions](

Twitter for GitHub ★120 ⏳1Y

Infers or tries to find GitHub users’ Twitter handles and present them to you in the GitHub interface.

Screenshots ![](


GitHub Categoric ★7

Categorize your mixed GitHub notifications

Screenshots ![GitHub Categoric](

Codecov: Code Coverage Overlay

Overlay code coverage in Github and Bitbucket. Supporting commits, blobs, blame, compare, pulls and more. Free for open source repositories.

Screenshots ![Codecov](

Contributors on GitHub ★215 ⏳1Y

Show the # of PRs and other contributors stats in the Issues/PRs tab. Can be helpful for maintainers that want to know if it’s a contributor’s first PR.

Screenshots ![Contributors on GitHub](

GitHub Diffs ★26

Expand and collapse file diffs on

Screenshots ![GitHub Diffs](

GitHub Highlight Selected ★110 ⏳1Y

Highlight selected word in GitHub source view like Sublime Text.

Screenshots ![GitHub Highlight Selected](

PR file filter for Github ★5 ⏳1Y

This Chrome extension extends the file search of a pull request to allow for actual filtering with globs.


GitHub Pr Filter ★17 ⏳1Y

Add ability to filter files in pull requests.

Screenshots ![GitHub Pr Filter](


Gitter Helper ★10 ⏳2Y

Makes it easy to see if a GitHub project has a Gitter room.

Screenshots ![Gitter Helper](

Hide files on GitHub ★180

Hide dotfiles from the GitHub file browser.

Screenshots ![Hide files on GitHub](

Lovely forks ★163

See forks with the most stars under the names of repositories.

Screenshots ![Slate fork](

GitHub Markdown Outline Extension ★20 ⏳1Y

Displays a clickable outline of all topic headers for markdown documents on GitHub

Screenshots ![GitHub Markdown Outline Extension](

GitHub Npm Stats ★11

Displays npm package stats on GitHub

Screenshots ![GitHub Markdown Outline Extension](

npm-hub ★298

When viewing a repository on that has a package.json file, this extension will introspect the dependencies in package.json and display links and description for each dependency, just below the repo’s README.


Package Hub ★20

This package lists the dependencies in the package files of the various packages you encounter while browsing github.

Screenshots ![Package Hub](

Github Plus ★197

Displays size of each file, download link and an option of copying file contents directly to clipboard


Github Repo Size ★336

Automatically adds repository size to GitHub’s repository summary.


Github Travis Stat ★17

This extension is to display travis-ci status for repos in github. There is a visual chart which shows build status and duration changes for recent 10 times.



ZenHub is the first and only project management suite that works natively within GitHub; enhancing your workflow with features built specifically for startups, fast-moving engineering teams, and the open-source community. The product is a browser extension that injects advanced functionality including real-time drag-and-drop Issue Task Boards, peer feedback via a +1 button, and support for uploading any file type directly into the GitHub interface. ZenHub makes it easy to centralize all processes into GitHub, keeping your team lean and agile.

Screenshots ![ZenHub](

GitHub Awesome Autocomplete ★686

Simple and discreet extension that enhances GitHub’s search, letting you search for repositories and people faster than ever.

Screenshots ![Pages2Repo](

GitSense ★50

Makes searching in GitHub better. With GitHub, you can only search one branch per non-forked repository. With GitSense, you search any branch, from any repository, and much more.

Screenshots ![gitsense](

This list is a copy of stefanbuck/awesome-browser-extensions-for-github with ranks