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This list is a copy of opencompany/awesome-open-company with ranks

Awesome Open Company Awesome ★73813

A community-curated list of awesome open companies, inspired by the many awesome-x lists ★73813 out there.

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Table of contents

  1. What is an open company?
  2. Companies
  3. Resources
  4. Books
  5. Articles
  6. Videos
  7. Similar lists
  8. License

What is an open company?

An open company is defined, for the purposes of this list, as a for-profit organization whose core practices are guided by principles of openness, transparency and interoperability. This philosophy can be summarized by the maxim:

Share as much as possible, charge as little as possible.

derived from the original formulation by Gittip (now Gratipay).

In practice, this often means:

The following pages provide a more detailed overview of this concept:


(in alphabetical order, with optional announcement blog posts)

Company Openness Pledge Open Product Open Standards Statement Open Channel Open Finance
Aleph Objects Aleph Objects link N/A        
Arduino LLC Arduino LLC Arduino - Introduction :octocat:Arduino ★7574        
Atlassian Atlassian Company values | Atlassian N/A        
Balsamiq Balsamiq Company | Balsamiq N/A        
Bevry Bevry Bevry DocPad ★2943        
Buffer Buffer Buffer’s transparency dashboard: Public salaries, equity and more :octocat:Misc   Why we have a core value of transparency at our startup   Revenue
CodeCombat CodeCombat CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game :octocat:CodeCombat ★5955   Why you should open-source your startup    
Couchbase Couchbase Open Source Projects :octocat:All Products        
Dangerous Prototypes Dangerous Prototypes About - DP Projects        
Dreamwidth Dreamwidth About Dreamwidth Studios :octocat:Dreamwidth        
Gitlab GitLab About Us | GitLab GitLab        
Gratipay Gratipay Welcome to Gratipay :octocat:All Products   The first open company   Finance ★13
Growstuff Growstuff (archive) Values - Growstuff Wiki :octocat:Growstuff ★248   Why Growstuff is open source    
MapBox MapBox Open Source - MapBox :octocat:Misc        
Neocities Neocities (archive) Neocities - stats ★379   The first Neocities Open Company report    
The Open Company The Open Company The Open Company N/A        
OpenCraft OpenCraft OpenCraft | Open edX Development & Hosting Services N/A        
Red Hat Red Hat Red Hat Jobs - Our culture Mics        
Sentry Sentry About Sentry Sentry ★14859   Driven by Open Source    
Tessel Tessel Open Source - Tessel :octocat:Tessel ★228        
Transloadit Transloadit Open Source :octocat:Uppy tus Jobs & Culture    





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This list is a copy of opencompany/awesome-open-company with ranks