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This list is a copy of dylanrees/citizen-science with ranks

Digital Tools for Citizen Science

Below is a curated list of awesome software and other resources to enable those who want to use scientific tools to empower communities and/or practice various forms of non-institutional science. It is largely inspired by this repository ★622 listing digital tools for activists. Feel free to share suggestions. If you add software to the list, free and open-source software is strongly encouraged over proprietary software.

Awesome ★73813



Lab Equipment Software

Modeling and Computation

Publishing , Collaboration and Organization


Tools and Equipment

Biology and Chemistry

Environmental Science and Geology

3D Printing and Fabrication



Publishing and Doing Research


Citizen Science Theory

Citizen Science Spaces and Projects




Art and Science Spaces

Community-driven science labs tend to operate differently from conventional labs. Their member-led and curiosity-driven approach often produces work that breaks down conventional disciplines, such as bio-art. This section is for listing spaces that may or may not be conventional makerspaces but capture this spirit of interdisciplinarity.

Funding and Support

Financial Resources

Other Types of Support

Conferences and Events

Other Resources

Questions and Knowledge Gaps

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This list is a copy of dylanrees/citizen-science with ranks