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This list is a copy of drewrwilson/toolsforactivism with ranks

Digital Tools for Activism

digital tools for activism

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Below is a curated list of awesome digital tools for activism. These are tools for individuals, ad-hoc groups or formal organizations that are campaigning, organizing or communicating for social change. Some of these tools are open source projects that requires some technical knowledge to set up and host yourself. Some are software-as-a-service tools that you use by going to a webpage in your browser. Feel free to share suggestions.

Table of Contents

  1. Open Source, host-it-yourself tools
  2. Software as a service tools
  3. Projects in development
  4. How to contribute to this list
  5. License

The List

Open-source host-it-yourself:

Software as a service:

Operating Systems:

## Browsers:

Projects to keep an eye on (ie projects in development)

These are all projects that are works in process. Not finished, but worth checking out.

How do I contribute to this list?

Have an idea of a tool that should be on this list? Here’s how you can add it:


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This list is a copy of drewrwilson/toolsforactivism with ranks