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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

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A curated list of awesome tools for:
continuous integration
continuous delivery
software integration


The theory for continuous integration and continuous deliver

Build And Release System

The system for software build and release, continuous integration and continuous delivery

Online Build System

Online build release system


Tools for monitoring the status continuous integration and continuous delivery


The hardware,virtual machines, fram management, docker

Dev env

Source Code Management

Version control and source code management tools

Code Review

Code review tools


Build tools

Static Check

Software static check tools

Dynamic Check

Software dynamic check tools

Performance Analysis

Software performance analysis tools


Software testing coverage tools


Software testing framework and tools


The tools for software package and installation


The tools for web site deploy


The tools for software delivery

Provisioning Tools

Provision tools

Web Server

Common used web server

OS And Shell

Linux shell, perl, python

Applications And Container

VM application and container

Database Version Control

Database version control system

Useful Sites

Other useful pages

Conference And Submit

Conference and submit


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This list is a copy of ciandcd/awesome-ciandcd with ranks