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Awesome Hyper Awesome ★73813 Awesome

A curated list of sweet Hyper packages, themes, and resources.

Inspired by the awesome list thing. You might also like awesome-node and awesome-npm ★2721, which both have CLI stuff you can use with Hyper!

Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

Check out the official Hyper site, check out Zeit, and their interesting Hosting product, Now.

Want to add your awesome Hyper package, theme, or resource? Make the change and open a pull request!

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Name and description Downloads
hyperline - A status line at the bottom of your Hyper! npm
hypercwd - Open new tabs with the same directory as your current tab. npm
hyperterm-1password - Integration with 1Password (password manager). npm
hyperterm-visor - Show/hide your Hyper terminal with a global hotkey & more. npm
hyper-sync-settings - Easy way to backup and restore Hyper settings to Github. npm
hyperterm-summon - Summon your Hyper windows with a system-wide hotkey. npm
hyperterm-paste - Pasting into terminal made safe and easy. npm
hyperterm-alternatescroll - Mousewheel/trackpad scrolling for alternate screen (less, git log, nano, etc…). npm
hyperterm-lastpass - LastPass plugin for autofilling passwords in Hyper. npm
hyperterm-dibdabs - Unique colored dot on the left of the tab is added for quick identification of commonly used tabs based on its title. npm
hyperterm-tabs - Rearrange tabs by drag&dropping them. npm
hyperterm-focus-reporting - Adds focus reporting to Hyper - similar to iTerm2. npm
hyperlinks - Extension for Hyper that automatically links URLs. npm
hyper-statusline - Status line showing current cwd and git branch status. npm
hypernpm - Use keyboard shortcuts to run npm script commands. npm
hyper-startup - Executes any configured commands when Hyper loads. npm
hyper-fileio - Ephemeral file sharing direct from Hyper. npm
hyper-history - Show a list of history commands. npm
hyper-alt-click - Allows moving the cursor by alt+click’ing where you want it to go. npm
hyperterm-safepaste - Edit your pastes before executing them. npm
hyper-copycat - Duplicate text input across all sessions in a tab. npm
hyper-broadcast - Broadcast user inputs to multiple terms. npm
hyperdocs - Get documentation pages right in your terminal. npm
hyper-search - Search text in your terminal. npm
hypergoogle - Search Google from your terminal. npm
hyper-quit - Quit Hyper on macOS when last window closes. npm
hyper-confirm - Displays a confirmation dialog before quitting Hyper. npm
hyper-match - Links patterns such as urls, emails and file paths to configured commands. npm

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Name and description Downloads
hpm-cli - A plugin manager for Hyper. npm
hypertheme - A theme manager for Hyper, published right off the bat. You should import your favorite text editor or terminal theme and add it to awesome-hyper! npm
hyper-blink - Make your cursor blink. npm
hyperborder - Add a gradient border with the same colors as in the Hyper logo. npm
hyperterm-transparent-bg - Add a transparent background to your Hyper through an interesting HTML hack. npm
hyperterm-close-on-left - Positions the close tab button on the left. npm
hyperterm-mactabs - Better tab styles, with macOS-inspired design and close buttons on the left, compatible with most themes. npm
hyperterm-final-say - Allows user-set overrides of any plugin or theme settings applied on top of the defaults ./.hyperterm.js. npm
hyperterm-overlay - A complete and customizable solution for overlay window in your Hyper. npm
hyper-tab-icons - Add icons to the header tabs for the current running process in Hyper. npm
config-hyperterm - Easily set/get Hyper config. npm
hyperfullscreen - Will start Hyper in full screen. npm
hyperterm-crosshair - Shows the cursor position with an horizontal and vertical highlight/ruler. npm
hyperterm-cursor - Allows seeing the char behind your cursor by a color difference. npm
hypersixteen - A base16 loader for Hyper. npm
hyper-stylesheet - Adds support for an external hyper stylesheet. npm
hyperlayout - Layout presets for Hyper. npm
hyper-autohide-tabs - Autohide tab bar when there is only one tab. npm
hyperminimal - Removes the window header for more space and less distraction. npm
hyper-autoprofile - Change terminal appearance (backgroundColor, font…) according to current shell prompt. npm
hyper-tabs-enhanced - Configurable enhanced tabs with tab icons and more. npm
hyper-arc-dark-controls - Pretty window controls from the Arc Dark theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-mac-controls - Mac-like window controls for Hyper. npm
hyper-terminal-tabs - Brings look and feel to Hyper. npm
hyper-dark-scrollbar - Pretty scrollbar for Hyper. npm
hyper-pane - Navigate through panes with arrows, jump directly to a specific pane with digit or change focus on mouse hover. npm
hyper-always-on-top - Add a menu item to keep application windows always on top. npm
hyper-transparent-dynamic - Dynamically set transparent background based on current theming. npm
hyper-vsplit-fix - Fixes the vertical split border height in Hyper. npm
hyper-hide-title - Hide the window title when there is only one tab. npm
hyper-wal - Extension for using color schemes generated by wal ★587 in Hyper. npm
hyper-hover-header - Hidden header/title bar. Move the cursor to the top border of the window to have the header/title bar fade in. npm
hyper-transparent - Hyper plugin to easily set window transparency and vibrancy. npm
hyper-spotify - Displays currently playing song on Spotify at the bottom of the terminal and allows you to control your favourite music. npm
hyper-background - Change the background of your Hyper terminal! npm
hyper-vertical-tabs - Put the tabs on a sidebar to the left, as is possible in iTerm2 and ROXTerm. npm
themer - Generate themes for Hyper and all your other development tools npm
hyper-native-window-decoration - Native window decorations in HyperTerm. npm

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Name and description Downloads
hyperterm-open-devtools - Open DevTools for currently showing web page with a hotkey. npm
hyperterm-install-devtools - Use Chrome DevTools extension on Hyper. npm
is-hyper - Check if your Node.js script is running in Hyper. npm

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Name and description | Downloads ———————————- | ————- hyperpower - Add a pinch of kick-arse raw POWER to your Hyper! Adds the pixel-explosion and shake effect that’s been implemented in several text editors. | npm htyt - Search and play youtube videos in Hyper. | npm hyper-john - A 10% chance of getting hit with the John Cena theme when opening tabs, windows and splits. | npm hyper-command-gifs - Gives you matching GIFs for your terminal commands. | npm hyper-cat - Turn your terminal into nyan cat while typing. | npm hyper-cat-cursor - Replaces the cursor with a cat emoji sequence. | npm gitrocket - Launch a rocket ship in your terminal when you push code with Git! | npm

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Name and description Downloads
an-old-hype - A Hyper theme inspired by a galaxy far far away… and by Jesse Leites atom syntax theme. npm
hyper-adventure-time - A Hyper port of the Adventure Time theme from iTerm2 Color Schemes ★7539. npm
hyper-atom-dark-transparent - Hyper theme based on the hyperterm-atom-dark, but with transparency. npm
hyper-aurora - Theme based on Aurora Borealis. npm
hyper-aww - A theme that changes the terminal background to a different cute animal gif each time you open Hyper. npm
hyper-ayu - Theme based on the Ayu Theme for Sublime Text. npm
hyper-ayu-light - Theme based on the Ayu Light Theme for Sublime Text. npm
hyper-ayu-mirage - Theme based on the Ayu Mirage Theme for Sublime Text. npm
hyper-bloody - An amazing dark theme with awesome vibrant colors. npm
hyper-captain-sweetheart - Tuff but sweet Hyper theme. npm
hyper-chesterish - Saturated theme based on Chester syntax. npm
hyper-clean - A clean theme with IBM Design colors ★117. npm
hyper-criollo - Theme based in vaporwave colors. npm
hyper-darkmatter - Dark - Darkmatter theme for Hyper, inspired by Sublime Darkmatter ★9. npm
hyper-dracula - A dark theme for Hyper based on the Dracula theme. npm
hyper-firewatch - A dark Hyper theme inspired by Campo Santo’s Firewatch video game. npm
hyper-flat-2 - Another Flat theme for Hyper based on Flat theme for Terminal. npm
hyper-flat - A Flat theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-frontend-delight - Dark - Based on Frontend Delight iTerm2 color scheme. npm
hyper-hybrid-reduced-contrast - A port of the reduced contrast version of vim-hybrid ★1205. npm
hyper-loved - A dark, elegant theme. npm
hyper-macos - Native macOS theme with vibrancy support. npm
hyper-material-box - The most hackable theme for your favorite terminal Hyper. npm
hyper-material-theme - Dark - The most epic material theme now on Hyper App. npm
hyper-materialshell - A dark material design theme with a good contrast and color pops at the important parts. Designed to be easy on the eyes, based on materialshell ★447. npm
hyper-midnight - A minimalist theme for the Hyper terminal. npm
hyper-monochrome - Monochrome theme, based on vim-monochrome ★91. npm
hyper-nord - Nord theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-oceans16 - Saturated theme based on Base16 Ocean syntax. npm
hyper-one-light - Light - A very cute theme with extra light background based on the Atom One Light ★37 pallete. npm
hyper-papercolor - PaperColor ★818 theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-peacock - A Peacock theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-pokemon - Wondrous, tailor-made Pokémon themes for your Hyper terminal. npm
hyper-polarbear - A beautiful white theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-ramda - Theme inspired by the RamdaJS REPL. npm
hyper-seashells - A Hyper port of the iTerm2 SeaShells color scheme. npm
hyper-sierra-vibrancy - hyper-sierra with vibrancy. npm
hyper-sierra - A dark theme for Hyper inspired by the Sierra Nevada. npm
hyper-snazzy - Dark - Elegant theme with bright colors. npm
hyper-solarized-dark - Pleasant and carefully chosen colors based on the popular solarized palette. npm
hyper-solarized-light - Pleasant and carefully chosen colors based on the popular solarized palette. npm
hyper-star-wars - Super awesome, your Hyper terminal shall look. npm
hyper-theme - Hyper colors theme for Hyper terminal. npm
hyper-thirtyone - A slightly modified classic linux terminal theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-white-theme - White & Purple theme for Hyper. npm
hyper-zenburn - A classic low-contrast theme originally made for vim adapted for Hyper. npm
hyper-zigorat - A minimal syntax theme for Hyper. npm
hyperambient - Dark/Light - A theme that reacts to ambient light changes. npm
hyperatompunk - Hyper extension to make your terminal look like a CRT in Fallout. npm
hyperblue-vibrancy - The same cool tones from hyperblue, now with vibrancy! npm
hyperblue - Dark, cool hues. Turns Hyper blue. npm
hyperganymede - A color scheme inspired by the icy coldness of the moons of Jupiter. npm
hyperhue - Dark/Rainbow - A theme that reacts to the colors of your Philips Hue lights. npm
hypernasa - A theme which replaces the terminal background with NASA’s Picture of the Day. npm
hyperpanic - Dark - A very pretty theme close to the Panic theme’s colors. Dark blue background with very bright highlight colors. npm
hyperpunk - Hyper extension to make your terminal look Cyberpunk / Sci-fi. npm
hypersolar-dark - A dark theme based loosely on Solarized Dark, with a fix for the usual solarized dark colours with blacks that actually show up in your terminal! npm
hyperterm-adventurous - An adventure time inspired theme based on the Adventurous Atom theme. npm
hyperterm-atom-dark - Dark - Really beautiful import of Atom One Dark theme from the official Atom theme ★236. npm
hyperterm-base-16-ocean - Simple Base 16 Ocean theme for hyperterm npm
hyperterm-base16-tomorrow-dark - Dark - Hyper port of Atom’s Base16 Tomorrow Dark Theme, with a pretty muted pastel pallette. npm
hyperterm-bold-tab - Bold’s your active tab text. Makes keeping track of your current tab painless. npm
hyperterm-cobalt2-theme - Dusty Blue, dark with vibrant pops of colour for the important stuff. Goes well with Cobalt2 ZSH theme. npm
hyperterm-colors - Dark - Sweet dark color scheme with a chocolate-y brown background and a pretty set of muted colors! npm
hyperterm-dark-drifter - A (dark) Hyper theme inspired by Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter. npm
hyperterm-dark-fusion - Hyperterm theme based on atom-dark-fusion. npm
hyperterm-dark-macos - A theme that pairs nicely with macOS dark mode. npm
hyperterm-deep-space - Dark - Dark, muted theme with good color matching. npm
hyperterm-duotone-darkspace - Dark/Orange - A beautiful dark theme inspired by Duotone Themes by Simurai. More color variations can be found here. npm
hyperterm-earthsong - A natural and calming theme for Hyper. Ported from iTerm’s Earthsong theme. npm
hyper-electron-highlighter - Dark - Port of Atom One Dark syntax colors with more vibrant colors. (previously hyperterm-electron-highlighter) npm
hyperterm-firewatch - Dark – Glowing, dark theme heavily inspired by the Firewatch game and the atom syntax theme based on it. npm
hyperterm-gooey - A dark theme with striking green and purple, based off atom-dark. npm
hyperterm-gruvbox-dark - Dark - Hyper theme with retro, earthy groove colors based on the gruvbox ★3601 vim color scheme. npm
hyperterm-gruvbox - Theme based on gruvbox with dark, light styles and contrast options. npm
hyperterm-hipster - A hipster theme based on the hipster-syntax theme for Atom. npm
hyperterm-hybrid - Dark - Beautiful theme, based on vim-hybrid, that combines Tomorrow-Night, Codecademy, Jellybeans, and Solarized ★4964 themes together. npm
hyperterm-light-drifter - A (light) Hyper theme inspired by Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter. npm
hyperterm-material-spacegray - A port of the low-contrast Material Spacegray theme. npm
hyperterm-material - Dark - Brings the famous Material Design colors scheme in Hyper. npm
hyperterm-mild-dark - A mild dark theme for Hyper. npm
hyperterm-monokai - Dark - A port of the popular monokai theme. The colors are warm, relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. npm
hyperterm-oceanic-next - Dark blue theme optimised for ES2015. Ported from Oceanic Next ★1402. npm
hyperterm-panda — Panda syntax theme a superminimal, dark Syntax Theme — Hyper port. npm
hyperterm-retro - A retro Hyper theme inspired by the cool-retro-term ★7755 terminal emulator. npm
hyperterm-sourcerer - A 16-bit dark theme based on xero/sourcerer ★63. npm
hyperterm-spacegray - Port of the popular Spacegray theme, optimized for terminal usage. npm
hyperterm-tomorrow-night - Dark - Port of the popular Tomorrow Night theme. npm
hyperterm-unlease - A fresh theme for Hyper that makes you feel like there’s one of those pine tree car air fresheners hanging from your terminal. npm
hyperterm-wp-theme - An adaptation of the popular JetBrains Darcula Theme with support for colored tabs. npm
verminal - A dark Hyper theme with beautiful vibrancy. npm

Know of another really awesome theme? Get it on awesome-hyper!

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This list is a copy of bnb/awesome-hyper with ranks